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About the Chicken Artist

A huge shout-out to  Natalie, who created the Chicken Spaghetti chicken, on the right. Thank you! He's just the greatest. Chicken Spaghetti readers should know that Natalie, who's a painter and illustrator,  and a business partner have a line of personalized children's stationery, and it's wonderful! Do go see her work online. You'll want to order everything, and you can see which stores carry the line.  Click here, for  Ellie Mim's Social Stationery.

And if any of you editors are reading along, you'd be wise to seek out Natalie's portfolio; you can reach her through the Ellie Mim web site.


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Thanks for the info, Susan. I've always wondered about the chicken!

Kelly, I wish I had the artistic talent that my friend has! Alas.

Oh, I know. I'm missing the visual gene myself (I can hardly walk in a straight line, let alone draw one.)

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