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January 10, 2006


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Thanks for the review, Susan! I really like Mitali's blog and will check out the book.

P.S. There's another Kelly commenting at Chicken Spaghetti :)

Thanks so much, Susan. My friend Pooja Makhijani told me your review had been posted and sent me the link. I'm in the middle of a challenging revision and really needed this boost of confidence.



Mitali, you're welcome! I loved "Monsoon Summer," and especially enjoyed Jasmine, who made me laugh out loud several times. I think your novel would make a wonderful movie.

I look forward to catching up with your other work.

Thanks for the review, Susan. I added this one to my "to read" list.

Hi Susan,

Thanks for the feedback on my review. When I went to delete Monsoon Summer from my "to read" list (because I had finally read it), I was reminded that the original recommendation for the book came from you. Thanks!! I really enjoyed it.

I'm glad to hear how much you liked it, Jen!

so was Jazz ever shy around steve since she crushed on him?

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