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February 16, 2006


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I love that magazine. My daughter had a subscription to Babybug and then to Ladybug. They are expensive magazines but SO worth the money. She is now into Ranger Rick and American Girl!

hey, Kelly. Somewhere in our piles of papers around here is a discounted offer for a Ranger Rick subscription. I've been thinking about it...

I have to admit I love the "bug" magazines. "Babybug" is especially good.

Kelly, my daughter LOVES American girl too. I guess they do a good job of reaching that tween audience.

We have subscribed to every level of the "Cricket" magazines although I think they only had Cricket when we started and added Ladybug later on. For years I had every issue of Cricket. They are like National Geographics. You HATE to get rid of them. The artwork and stories are being done by names you will know and by names we will know soon. My youngest currently receives Cicada which is their title for teens.

Have you seen my website? We specialise in high quality gift and greeting cards with images by famous Australian illustrators of childrens literature.

I love the magizine.

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