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March 06, 2006


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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Susan, for putting this together. You did a great job.

What a fun way to start the week! I usually don't see my first whirling teacups until Thursday or so...

Kudos on a job well done, Susan!!! : )

Wheee! I love it! You really did include whirling teacups! Great job!

You all are too kind.

Wonderful job, Susan, many thanks! Now where did I put my bathing suit...

Bravo, Susan! Feels like summer!

Wonderful carnival! Thanks for all your time and effort!

Oh, what fun! Great job!


Cool! Can I add "carny" to my resume now do you think?! :-P

Did anyone else eat too much candyfloss? Can't wait till the next one!! Job well done and much appreciated!!

Thanks for all the great links, witty writing, and the trip down memory lane, as I remember Coney Island from my youth!

Thank you for all the nice words, everyone.

Hey, NT! Meet me at the Wonder Wheel.

What fun! Thanks so much, and a great idea.

Wonderful carnival, bravo!! I'm sorry I missed this one, but hope to "catch a ride" on the next!!

Thanks! Who knew there were so many of us who love reading about and writing about children's lit? I've linked.

A wonderful job! Too many good things to imbibe all at once; I'm going to take my time and realy ejoy it. Congrats!!

The cotton candy was wonderful--thanks for a wonderful day at the carnival!!

What an amazing and fun carnival! I love the sense of whimsy and the kid-like excitement generated by the Coney Island theme. Thanks, Susan!

Susan, this has been a blast. Wonderful job. Thanks for hosting!

Hey, everybody! Many many thanks for the nice words. The carnival was great fun to construct!

I have a weekly update of homeschool related carnivals on my site; I have linked Semicolon from the end of your posting, but the link now appears broken. Can you please email me an update for either a revised link or a new location? Thanks.


The Semicolon site was down for a couple of days but is now back up. Your link should be working again. If it isn't, you might get in touch with Semicolon. Meanwhile, thank you for listing the Carnival of Children's Literature and sending folks this way.

This is simply great! bookmarked for a nice trip with the kids next summer! Thanks!

That looks great- especially the teacups they're very alice in wonderland

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