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April 07, 2006


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Oh gods ! Maths and poetry combined - my head hurts !

Excellent Fibbery!

I can't believe I got through my posting on poetry today and forgot about fibs! Ah well - perhaps by next week I will have managed to write one.

I'll give it some thought before then - love yours!

Michele, ha! You should try a fib; it's fun. I wish I could say I knocked off my kooky poem in two seconds flat, but...

Gregory K., thanks and thanks for introducing us to the Fib! I was counting on my fingers all morning.

Louise, go for it! Fibs are fun. Goofiness reigns. Or rains.

Nice one, Susan :)

Thanks, Kelly! (You are too kind about my loony venture into poetry writing.) If you or anyone else would like to leave a poem fib in the comments here, do join in!

When I was growing up, a fib got you a spanking. Glad to see you can fib with impunity these days, at least on the blogosphere.

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