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May 12, 2006


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Your experience does not seem at all familiar to me.


Not one bit.

Darn it. I knew we were the only ones.


Aw...Cute story, though, Susan :)

I love this honesty. To me it has always had to be an absolute match of mood and personality to get my sons involved in poetry. We've had some big successes and some HUGE flops. You're quite brilliant to just move on and read it yourself - his time for it will come.


I don't know how old your son is, but when I was a child hearing "aloft" and "belfry" would have caused me much joy ! But I've always had sprachgefuhl...

He's 6. The words he loves are the various synonyms for "rear end."

thank you. Mood and personality are key, aren't they? Through a Washington Post review, I found a book of poems about fire and warmth. When the time is right, I may try that one, but will read it first myself!

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