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June 19, 2006


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How funny! One of my weekend reading books (Chasing the Jaguar)featured a very similar heroine, also facing a quinceañera. Poor girl attending fancy school on a scholarship, living in the barrio, feet in both worlds, etc. I'll keep my eye out for this one. It looks fun!

Jen, I'll go read about your quinceanera! I just saw that our library has a copy of another quinceanera book called Cuba 15.

I like the sound of this book too. Funny enough, I've read Cuba 15. So among the three of us, we have a quinceanera extravaganza. Try saying that three times fast. I'm skimming and posting Cuba 15 tonight. Try and stop me.

MR, yes, a quinceanera triumvirate. Go for it.

A quinceanera triumvirate sounds bien. Well, it would sound good, if I could say it three times fast, but I'm sure that I can't. But I'm happy to be part of such a triumvirate.

I actually just read a review on the Teen Page in my local paper (San Jose Mercury News) today of Estrella's Quinceanera. The teen reviewer, Hannah Gould, basically said that it was fun, but too simple, with not enough depth to the characters. She recommended it for preteens, rather than high school students. Do you think that teen readers are harder on their books than we are?

Jen, yep, I would bet that some sophisticated teen readers probably are harder on these books than we are. I think that it depends on what kind of reader a kid is. Those going for the intellectual stuff are will probably want more adult-like books.

I thought that the author drew her world well; the ending was little pat but I could forgive that. The teen reviewer is right in that advanced preteen readers (girls) would probably enjoy Estrella's Quinceanera, but I do think teenage girls would like it, too.

I just finished reading the book and I absolutely love it!!! I love the fact that the reader can pull several different lesson away from this one book with several contriversies.

Camielle, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this one. I did too. Thanks for visiting Chicken Spaghetti!

As an Hipsanic-American, i found this book EXTREMLY relatable: The two different worlds Estrella wants to belong to, appreciating your roots, QUINCEANERAS, and growing up.
It was a fun read and really reminded me about apprecaiting my culture and to never try to hide what you truly are.

I really liked this book. Does anyone have any suggestions for followup books with similarities to this one?

I wanted to punch her parents towards the end of the book. They were being so unreasonable! The highs and lows drove me crazy until the conclusion . The conclusion was frickin sweet! Like - kick ass ending! It was the perfect way to end the book and to sumerize everything Estrella had learned. I almost cried. Speedy was pretty hot, and her friends were the best! I wish I had a family the size of my neighborhood who loved me the same way her's did. Wait ago Estrella!

It's a good book, isn't it, that gets a reader so involved! Thanks for stopping by, Danny.

is this book a movie????

Rosa, I haven't heard anything about the book's being made into a movie, but I am out of the loop as far as films are concerned!

I'm starting to read this book for my Spanish Class. So far, I've read chapter one. It sounds really interesting! I can't wait to read it!

Tram, are you reading it in English or Spanish? As I remember, the book does contain many Spanish words. It's been a while since I've read the novel, but I certainly did enjoy it. Hope you like it, too!

HeY!!!! I luv the book!!!!!! Just bought the book today!!!!! Does the author have any more books

Tykiera, thanks for stopping by. Malin Alegria does have one other book that I know of: Mi>Sofi Mendoza's Guide to Getting Lost in Mexico. Great title, isn't it? I haven't read it yet.

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