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June 17, 2006


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At least their know-nothingness made the paper. The world can as least point and laugh and shake their head and cry.

It is even more horrible when bannings happen behind the scenes, out of public view; when it does not make the paper, when employees are afraid to talk about it for fear of losing their jobs. The frustration of it all, hoo boy.

Yes, good point, Camille.

A whole series of books removed from schools because of one parent complaint. Idiotic.

Why doesn't anyone sue these idiots for wasting their tax money?!

There are folks, in the know, who are removed enough to set things in motion but then the troops on the frontlines would be in the crosshairs for leaking what happened. Revenge would be swift.

I still think there should be a "book challenge fee" charged for anyone starting a challenge. The fee would cover the cost of new books to replace the ones the criminally-knowledge-challenged want removed. They should have to pay for their fun.

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