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September 26, 2006


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Been reading your blog since TypePad featured it. Do you have a list of recommended books for 3-year olds? Nowadays, he's into Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABC.


Mike, thank you for visiting. A list for 3 year olds is a good idea for a future post! Have your read the Curious George books? Also Maggie Smith's "Counting Our Way to Maine," Bill Martin Jr.,'s "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom," Anne Rockwell's "Good Morning, Digger," and Sarah Weeks's "Two Eggs, Please" (one of my son's all-time favorites). Keiko Kasza's "A Mother for Choco" is one I read to my son's preschool class, as well as Philemon Sturges's "Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)." Oh, and Donald Crews's "Freight Train."

Hope this helps!

I love garter snakes! We used to catch them and keep them as pets as a child. My Mom was so awesome she even set up a special tank for our finds. I have not seen any here, but we do have the cutest little ringneck living in the basement!

Junior would love to have a snake as a pet! Right now we have a cat and two crickets.

If you love garter snakes, you HAVE to read "A Gathering of Garter Snakes," by Bianca Lavies. It's a kids' book, with great photos, about thousands of garter snakes who spend the winter in a big pit in Canada. Very interesting book...and a little eccentric. I found the book at the library.

This will be GREAT for my "snake loving" son, who CONSTANTLY is looking for more scales to read :) His pet snakey sends his best too.


What kind of pet snake does your son have, Amy? Now that Theresa has mentioned that she used to keep garters as pets, I'm thinking that I ought to get some sort of aquarium/habitat set-up. Junior would adore it. I probably have until next spring to weigh this decision over! Haven't seen many garters lately--so none around to catch.

Hi Susan,

Sorry this is so late. I believe my son has an African Yellow bottom snake - not sure if that's the right name. But it's a great house pet and easy to care for. I have to admit, I don't do the cleaning or feeding.


Jr. would probably still like a snake, but as for now he has goldfish in his room and we have 4 chickens outside! We are reading a book called "The Snake Scientist," though. It's interesting, though a little text heavy for Jr., who's not quite 8.

I'm in a weird position as snakes are my "natural" fear as opposed to spiders, but I find them so freaking fascinating at the same time. Especially the cool ones, like the spitting cobra, lol. Thanks for sharing this.

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