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September 28, 2006


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We love Captain Underpants, too. My son and I blogged about the first book this week:


(Truth be told, I resisted the Captain Underpants books ... until my son convinced me to read one. Since I couldn't keep myself from giggling uncontrollably, how could I deny him?)

Happy Banned Books Week!

Loree Burns

Another fan! Yessss!

Man, I love Captain Underpants. He's my hero.

I've seriously considered a career as Captain Underpants, but I don't tihnk I'd be much use in a situation calling for a real superhero, mainly because I'd be in hysterical fits of laughter because I'm wearing underpants. I'd probably want some kind of underpants set as headgear, though. Underpants-on-the-head is way too funny to not do.

And take it from me, an ADD-ish 20-year-old preschool teacher/full-time kid, the ability to get boys to read is farrrrrrrrr more important than "proper etiquette".

Amen, Daniel!

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