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December 03, 2006


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Thanks, Amy!

You have the coolest guest columns. Thanks, Amy and Susan!

Great column and also a CD wellllll worth checking out, imo.

Pooja and Greg, glad y'all stopped by. I enjoyed listening to Tell Me a Story!

Say Amy,

First of all, always good to know the art of storytelling is alive and well.

In your 1999 "Tell me a Story" compilation, you included an African Folk Tale called "Kintu's Law of Love." As a child, this was my all-time favorite story. I remember reading it in 5th grade (1975) out of a reading textbook under the title "Kintu and the Law of Love". Could you tell me other sources that may have this tale in print?

Damon Fordham

Hi Damon,
Thanks for writing--so glad you love that story; it's one of my favorites(though sadly not yet in any of our books or on the CD...but maybe down the road). Speaking of roads. I'm on the road right now, moving back to LA from Cleveland where I spent several months. When I return I'll look into the references for you, okay? Maybe you could send me a reminder email (kellsmom@ca.rr.com) on Wednesday the 17th when I'm back home with my sources and stuff. May take some digging to find, but I promise to do my best. And thanks for reminding me of that wonderful story.

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