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The Great Outdoors: Head Thataway for the Nature Carnival

Nature loving folks will get plenty of inspiration at the blog carnival Field Day, at By Sun and Candlelight. Dawn, Field Day's energetic organizer, has posted an extensive Late Autumn edition.

By Sun and Candlelight is where I first read of the picture book Fletcher and the Falling Leaves, written by Julia Rawlinson and illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke. Fletcher, a fox, worries about his favorite tree as fall turns to winter. Rawlinson tells a lovely, reassuring story about change, and Beeke's watercolor pictures are a delight. If you're looking for a holiday present for 3 to 6 year olds, Fletcher would be a good one.


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Thank you so much, Susan! I was so happy to have you be part of Field Day again. :)

I'm glad you reminded me of Fletcher - a perfect book for these last autumn days!

That last page of Fletcher is especially cool--and shimmery.

Great advice, and I really appreciate the blog. Thanks for sharing!

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