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December 13, 2006


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Know where I learned about St. Lucia Day? From the American Girls' book, Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story. I must have read it at some point in late-elementary school.

See? Aren't kids' books great! Despite my Scandinavian last name, I have to say I was only vaguely aware of the holiday until the last five years or so.

In kindergarten Junior was part of a holiday celebration in which angelic children carried (fake) candles as the Santa Lucia part of the ceremony. Junior's group was the Hanukkah group, who wore tie-dyed t-shirts. Which is very Junior.

The "braided bread," and I use that term loosely, is rising in the kitchen as I write this. It's quite lopsided, but what the heck.

I'm pleased as punch about Julia Golding's win... It's a fine book !

From the description, Michele, it sounds like one I really want to read.

Thanks for the link to my review of Terrier. As you can tell, I really enjoyed the book!

You're welcome!

Susan, I'll make you the same offer that I made Kelly on her Blog - do you want me to get you a copy of The Diamond of Drury Lane, post-Cybils ? Let me know...

Thanks for the link. Enjoy the stuffed stingray.

Michele! You've made my day. I will send you an email. Ooh, then we can all talk about it.

Right-o !

It would be great to talk about it with someone...

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