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February 18, 2007


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I put in my 2 cents from the teacher perspective at A Year of Reading.

You were right, here is the NPR link: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=7484149

I also have my opinions as a school librarian up at www.librarystew.blogspot.com - what a week for me to start a blog about school libraries- lol!

Thanks for that link, Kathy. NPR often water skis off the New York Times' boat, so I am not surprised.

And welcome to blog-land. You're right--what a week!

When I started my blog in 2005, it wasn't long before there was a brouhaha over "King & King" in Oklahoma with the legislature getting involved and everything.

I missed the "King & King" fuss! Must go look it up. The NY Times's slant on this kind of bugged me--I didn't go into it in my post, but I wish they'd focused a bit more on librarians who *weren't* planning to ban the book despite potential controversy. I understand that isn't newsworthy in the same way, but still--almost all the school librarians I know are much more staunch in their/our defense of intellectual freedom than the bunch quoted in the Times.

I have posted about the book here. I know librarians who will hesitate to put it in the library


As my husband put it, someone needs to write The Scrotum Monologues, the play.

Thanks for the links. I'm going to go read further . . . I've been avoiding reading them lately; so depressing!

Jules, absolutely on the Monologues.

The whole thing is depressing, I agree.

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