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April 03, 2007


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Julie, thank you so much for the fascinating and inspiring guest column. I wish I lived near Knoxville so that I could see the spring production.

Thanks! That feels like it was a life-time ago, but it was fun.


This was so interesting to read, and to picture in my head the beautiful dance of sign language taking place alongside the actors on stage.

I grew up in Knoxville. My parents took me to productions at the Clarence Brown theater, and in high school, I did a lot of drama. My teacher's name was Linda Lyle, and I think she started a theater company in Knoxville much later. Do you think you ever worked with her?

Thanks, Susan, for asking Julie to write this!

I learned a lot from this article. Thanks, Jules.
More pictures of last fall's Interact production can be seen at the school for the deaf's website above. http://tsdeaf.org/what/what.html Then click on Chanticleer and the Fox. A few pix there and at the bottom of that link is a link to picasa for many many pix of the actors and the audience.

Sara, I used to interpret at Clarence Brown a lot (not shadowing, but on-the-side-of-the-stage interpreting), and it was my favorite, FAVORITE job of all! I enjoyed that even more than shadowing, yes. Loved it! Never heard of Linda Lyle. Sorry.

Betty, thanks for the pics! Hadn't seen those.

Nice job, Jules. Not the least bit rambly.

And I just have to chime in and say that, having seen a few InterAct performances back in the days when Jules was involved, it was always very entertaining. They always recruited very talented people for their productions, and did a nice job adapting the stories.

I'm surprised my earlier comment went through on the BlackBerry.
Anyhow, here's a more specific web site with the 36 pix of the latest play.
Let the curtain rise at:

Hi Jules,

My teen daughter has taken sign language for two years, and my middle-grade story in progress has a deaf character. I have learned a great deal about the deaf community from this, and yet I have a lot to learn. I like how Interact's mission seeks to connect the deaf and hearing worlds for kids -- it makes sense. Thanks for sharing.


Hi - Linda Lyle here. The very same former theatre teacher...

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