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Poetry Friday: Song of the Water Boatman

Technical Aside: Fighting Spam

Because of a truckload of spam, I had to turn on comment moderation here at the blog. It's a bummer because I'd rather have the spontaneity of "live" comments, but if that's what it takes to keep the spammers at bay, I'll have to roll with it for now.

So, if you comment (and please do!), know that I will approve and publish your message as soon as possible.


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They have driven all of us to it! One thing I discovered when I turned on comment moderation was how many comments I was receiving on older posts. I had no idea a semi Inkheart forum had developed on my Inkheart movie posts until I started moderating the comments.

You will be amazed!

I had to turn on comment authentication (though not moderation) just this week, after a deluge of spam. So depressing!

Jen, does authentication keep the spam at bay?

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