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July 01, 2007


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Your reviews are such a treat to read! They're informative as well as entertaining and we're proud to link to your blog!

"I believe there was singing at the funeral, but I was not invited, as the interment was private."

That was a great story!

Thanks, Camille! The whoppers are so hard to catch that it was particularly sad when that one, um, tanked.

put some picture and photos in ur articles and stuff! i mean, no offence but it looks a little unappealing, boring, and to "adult-like" to kids who are doing projects, and need information!?! and it's not like i dont know what an honest article is by now! im in middle school!

Diana, the photographs are protected by copyright. Since I do not hold the copyright, I cannot re-print them even if I wanted to. Since you "know what an honest article is," I'm sure you're aware of that.

Best wishes with your homework.

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