Poetry Friday: The Book of Pigericks
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Tidbits, 8.31

The August Carnival of Children's Literature is up at Po Moyemu. Go, read.

Daniel Pinkwater gave one of his book picks last Saturday on NPR: Andrea U'Ren's Mary Smith, a picture book from 2003, which sounds quirky. I must have it.

Another blog to visit is the one at PaperTigers. From the web site: "PaperTigers is a website about books for young readers, with a special focus on the Pacific Rim and South Asia, that offers a wealth of book-related resources for teachers, librarians, parents, and all those interested in the world of young readers's books." In addition to the blog, the site is packed with good reading. PaperTigers started the blog back in May.

On Saturdays Semicolon hosts a link festival of book reviews.


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Thank you for the mention of PaperTigers, Susan! It's much appreciated!

You're welcome, Aline. PaperTigers is such a neat site, with wonderful resources, and I've enjoyed reading the blog.

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