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October 09, 2007


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Thanks so much for linking to me. It sounds like Ms. Pool and I have the same goals. I'm putting this book on my wish list, definitely.

In his recent article in Columbia Journalism Review called "Goodbye to All That," Steve Wasserman also raises the point that book reviews -- even those by print reviewers -- can be very lightweight and fail to rise above a mere book report.

I think there was broad consensus at the kidlitosphere conference that it shouldn't matter where the book review appears (print or online), even for all the uncertainty over what it should say.

Thanks again.

Anne, I thought that Faint Praise did a really good job of explaining many aspects of the book review and the book-review section. Gail Pool is a member of the National Book Critics' Circle, but is somewhat critical of the group.

Wow. This is interesting - I know very well that I don't do books I don't like justice -- and I am hoping to learn to articulate honest criticism in print. I think Anne brings up such a good point...

TadMack, Anne's writeup reminds me that I need to work on my reviews. It's easy for me to fall back on favorite phrases, but I always need to work on keeping the words fresh.

I can't believe it! I just found a review of Faint Praise floating around in my living room. It was reviewed in The Hartford Courant a while back, and I cut it out because I thought it sounded so good. And, well, like I said, it's floating around my living room.

Sorry. I made a mistake with the coding on that last post, which is why so much of it is in bold. If I can't do it right, I shouldn't do it at all.

Gail, it looked dramatic, but I think I fixed it. No worries. I cannot leave a comment on anyone else's blog without misspelling at least three words, often my own name, so you're ahead of me!

Thank you for this post on reviews. I'm off to purchase the book as I'd love to learn more about the review process.

Best, Kyra

Kyra, I found it fascinating. I hope you enjoy it, too.

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