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October 23, 2007


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Great interview! I never had black-eyed peas until I moved to VA (from PA) ... I was skeptical, but ... mmmm! I feel Grandma's pain!

Very fun! Love Shante (don't know how to get the accent on her e) and I love New Year's traditions!

A new year CANNOT start without black-eyed peas. And they are excellent with bar-b-que. And in quesadillas.

I love that crown on Shante's head on the snowflake.
And that's a great scene from the book. Mercy me, indeed!


Thanks for this interview with Marion--and for the peek inside the book. It sounds like a great story to read aloud.

I LOVE Shanté! Part of the very real fun of this snowflake series is finding new picture books! (Yes. Jules is finally turning me into a fellow PB Nerd.) I hated black-eyed peas, growing up, but they were ubiquitous and present at all those after-church meal celebrations. Drama without them for sure!

Thanks for the intro to someone else fabulous! And I echo the hope that Oprah will love her, too!

I've gotta find that book. I love the look on Shanté's face in that spread you shared.

Thanks so much, Susan, for participating and for the great write-up. That's a great snowflake!

Jules, a Southerner who has most certainly heard about corn bread and black-eyed peas on New Year's Day

Great snowflake! I like that it's a New Year's one...

I'm stubbornly clinging to my family black eyed peas at New Years tradition, despite having lived in New England for years...


Enjoyed reading about Marion and Shante! Thanks for the lovely feature.

What a great snowflake, and I love the style of Marion's illustrations. Will have to look up her books. And black-eyed peas? Ew. ;-)

Thanks for a great interview. I did not know about the black eyed peas tradition, so I have learned something new today!

Hey, everybody! I'm glad you stopped by to see Marion's art for Robert's Snow. I just love it. As a former Southerner, I eat black-eyed peas on New Year's Day, too; last year I added a LOT of salsa to perk 'em up.

Susan, thank you so much for the fantastic job you did for Robert Snow, for Shante and for me! Thank you also to everyone who left such kind comments! The terrific post and lovely comments were very heart warming and much appreciated! This has been a great experience! Thank you all so much!

What a wonderful book, with great illustrations. My son and I have read the story many times and we seem to enjoy it more every time we read it!


How festive!

The snowflake is so lively and festive! Thanks for a great interview.

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