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November 07, 2007


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We love Owly too, and are expecting the fourth book any day now...

Oh, boy, there is lots to look forward to in the series--that's good to know!

It's been more than a week since I've had the chance to stop by your blog, and I was having withdrawals! But you've given me lots to read, which I always appreciate!

Yeah, my kiddo is pretty hush about school like that, too. Parent-teacher conferences are next week - I'm sure to find out loads...even if the alloted time is only five friggin minutes.


At first, I thought Owly was short for the Billy Hooten: Owlboy series, which I've not yet seen. Why did owls get so popular all of a sudden?

Laura, 5 minutes? Holy cannoli.

Kelly, I was going to say Harry Potter, but Avi's owl predates that. Could the owl fascination go back to Winnie-the-Pooh? I dunno.

Have you and Junior seen the Mouse Guard books by David Petersen? I have not read one yet but they look very cool. Sort of Redwall in graphic novel form.

I think Poppy has achieved "classic" status based on the number of kids who love the book.

Camille, I don't know those books. Thanks for the tip! Our library has at least one, which I'm going to reserve. It's checked out.

I love Mouse Guard! The website is eye candy - get your fix while you're waiting for the book. www.mouseguard.net

Okay, I am officially a nut. I couldn't get Mouseguard right away because our library's copy was on hold--for Junior. (He got a phone call today telling him it was in.) I forgot one of my wonderful librarian friends had recommended it for him. So, I HAVE heard of it and we'll pick it up today!

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