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November 17, 2007


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Yes, good luck to Joane with Sophie's Seasons. I love that very specific advice she gives to newcomers. And that's a beautiful snowflake. Thanks for this feature, Susan, and all your features.

Oops. I spelled her name incorrectly. I meant "Joan." Ignore that "e."


Oh! It's so fairy-taleish. How wonderful!

Beautiful! I like that it's the Beauty that will help to overcome the beast of cancer. Well said.

Thank you for sharing the work of Joan Waites. Her snowflake is beautiful. I am looking forward to "Sophie's Seasons."

Thanks for stopping by to see Joan's art. Her snowflake is lovely.

Joan didn't mention in her interview how hard she has worked to achieve her awards and to establish herself in her chosen profession. I'm very proud of her efforts in this worthwhile cause. As her mother who has (hopefully) survived a breast cancer "event", I support any research which will lead us forward in finding a way to cure cancers of all kinds.

Loy, I think it's wonderful that you stopped by and told us how proud you are of your daughter. Thank you so much for taking the the time to comment! Continued best wishes on your recovery, too.

Rock on,
Susan at Chicken Spaghetti

Joan, I loved your snowflake! Your analogy was beautiful too.... just like you! I loved all your comments about getting started as an Children's book illustrator too. You reminded me of a couple of things as I start submitting my own books.
Thanks so much! Not only for your heart felt submission but also for your friendship over the years.

love Ya!

The Beauty and the Beast snowflake is really beautiful.

It's great to see so many people participating in curing cancer. I cured my own Stage 4 cancer in two weeks...nine years ago.

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