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November 14, 2007


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She's great... one of my favorite illustrators!

Thanks for stopping by! Isn't that snowflake two tons of awesome? I love it!

Wonderful ... and I will HAVE to get that Kitty Christmas book!

Thanks for the link to Maggie Swanson's cat photos --- they're great.


i love maggie!

Wow, this one is really beautiful. For some, it seemed as if they were running out of space, but for this artist, she can do a BIG character and still have detail. All those teeensy hairs on the bear!

I'm considering what a Scratch & Sniff Christmas smells like...

I love love this snowflake. Tadmack is right. It's absolutely beautiful and has remarkable detail. It's laid out perfectly. Thanks for the great feature!

Such happy colors!!

I'm so glad all of you could see Maggie Swanson's snowflake, which I think is grand. I've so enjoyed viewing all the art during Robert's Snow & Blogging for a Cure; it's been like gallery-hopping online.

I'm late getting to the features today, but I'm here!

Yes, that is a great snowflake. Like TadMack, I love all the detail. And that page of cat photos? Oh my, cuteness overload. Very lovely.

Thanks for doing this, Susan!

That is just a perfect shade of blue.

My pleasure, Jules, and, Adrienne, that blue is perfect! I agree.

Thank you all for your kind comments! I feel lucky to do what I love best and to be able to support such an important cause. And thank you, Susan!

Hello, I came from Indonesia. I saw your illustration first at the highlight magazine. It's so great! I really like it. I'm a beginner on ilustrating, I will be very delighted if you comment on my work, on my deviant art pages. thank you very much =)

Thanks for the great post.

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