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April 11, 2008


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I absolutely hated musical chairs -- the sheer terror of being without a chair was always taken far too literally by me, and someone usually ended up weeping when we played. This poem is definitely bittersweet, but lovely.

Gosh, you're right about the weeping, TadMack. Red Rover was another one. People cried then, too.

Susan, that is just lovely. What a line:

"One of the gifts was a year, complete."

Thanks for introducing me to a new poet.

Jeez, I hated musical chairs, too! It was just too much stress. "It's always funny until someone gets hurt" usually seemed to be the prevailing motto...

I just got a copy of the "New Oxford Book of American Verse"--I wonder which is the newer version? I'm looking forward to browsing it, in any case. I used to have an Oxford Book of Nursery Rhymes as a kid that I adored.

What a lovely poem, Susan. And yes, I also found musical chairs somewhat traumatic. Who thought of that game, anyway?!

Eisha, I love that line, too. I tried to work it in, but was just writing too much! Jacbosen is new to me, too, but I hope to find more of her books.

A.F., that may be a newer version. Mine was edited by David Lehman. I got it as a Christmas present a few years back. I don't read much at a time, but have found some stuff I love there.

Jama, I'm so glad you like this one. So many of those old birthday-party games were not as fun as they were supposed to be! Pin the tail on the donkey was no better; I hated being spun around.


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Ooh, Elaine! Wow. That is AWESOME. Merci.

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