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August 27, 2008


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I'd LOVE to have a 4th grader with a summer reading list like that in MY classroom!

Mary Lee, yesterday Jr.'s new teacher started "The City of Ember" as a read-aloud. I thought that was awesome!

I've been interested in how the Sill About Habitats series was going to work out. I love her animal books (About Insects, About Mammals, etc.), so I was hopeful.

My godson starts fourth grade next week. It makes him seem so OLD to me, in part, I think, because I myself remember fourth grade with a lot more clarity than the years that preceded it. I also don't like thinking of him going into those years where all that superficial middle-school-type stuff starts to matter more and more, but this is where it starts. Yikes.

Hey, Adrienne. Thank goodness for the library. I was in a Borders today, and the nonfiction selection was so bad.

After reading the Wetlands book, I'll look for the Sills' animal titles to take along to share with the first-graders. I was impressed with the clarity of the theme and the lovely watercolors in Wetlands.

Those books look wonderful. I think I'll try Turtle Summer for E. We have loggerheads nesting on the beach at my parent's beach house.

My daughter and I enjoyed Turtle Summer a great deal.

KateinNJ, don't you think Wisteria and her daughter will enjoy "Turtle Summer"? I would love to see those turtles nesting. How neat.

(Wisteria, I hope the beach house and your folks are okay.)

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