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November 13, 2008


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I'm tickled that you have a chicken named Fuzzy. I hope she gets her glossiness back. I suppose feeding her a raw egg would be a little twisted, eh? :)

She would eat a raw egg, Alkelda, but I give her scrambled or boiled, so that she doesn't develop a taste for what she's supposed to be giving us. Right now she's not laying while wresting with her ailments. Lovey isn't laying, either. I'm not sure what her excuse is.

Thanks, I'll check out Paul Galdone's version. I have found that The Little Red Hen makes for a perfect classroom or family photo book. I am in the process of making one for my four year old daughter's class. It is so easy to take the pictures and retell the story using people you know. (i.e. "Who will help me bake the bread?" asked Jordan. "Not I," said Mommy. Not I," said Daddy...)

That is a fun way to do it! A photo book is a creative idea.

Another good, somewhat different version is Philemon Sturges's "Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza." We took that one to my son's class when he was a preschooler, and made English muffin pizzas to go with the story.

Get well wishes for Fuzzy, and *small* pocket hole wishes for you, Susan! With a rather larger flock, I've had to do a lot of home doctoring, but the high (or low...) point had to be administering Preparation H to a hen with a blowout. Dear me, NYC never felt so far away.

By the way, some extra protein (leftover cottage cheese or a handful of cat food is good) is always handy during the month or two of molting season, and something different might perk her up too!

You've given me a good early morning laugh, what with the "constitutional" problems and the pocket holes. (Been there, done that: epileptic dog.) You gotta do right by your chickens, but I think it's okay that you've drawn the line at home surgeries.

Ooh, I'm with Mary Lee: just say no to home surgery. My Dad is good with that kind of thing; when I have chickens of my own, that will be a big NO.

And when they're molting, I would give them a little something extra, too. We avoided the cat food because... the cat got ticked off when they went after her food when they weren't molting, but cottage cheese and boiled eggs, yes. They liked lentils, actually, too... which makes sense, since they're full of protein!

Hope all's well in the coop -- and the pocket -- soon. You're a righteous hen (Chicken Mama? something) for taking care of them even when it costs you.

Thanks for the good wishes, Becky, Mary Lee, and TadMack. Fuzzy seems to be better--better enough to scold poor Lovey with a peck on the head. Always some kind of drama going on with chickens...

Becky, that is hilarious about the hen and the Prep. H.

I would take my chicken to the vet. I hope Fuzzy's back to rights soon.

Me, too, Adrienne. She is perkier. Thanks for the well wishes.

Hey, Sue, don't worry about the lack of eggs. It's just the molting and the ever shorter hours of daylight. We're only getting 1-3 a day from our current flock of 12 or so.

Meechelle! Ou et vous? Les Etats Unis? Oh, that's to know good about the eggs. I think Fuzzy is better; Jr. and I gave her worm meds.

Your blog just went up on my coolness scale (and you were pretty high anyway) because I just realized you have chickens of the real live variety. My hubby and I want to get a house where the zoning allows us to keep chickens.

Anyway I hope by now that your chicken is feeling much better and the hole in your pocket is not to big.

Cari, oh, definitely try to get some chickens when you can. They're so much fun--and very funny. My two aren't laying egg #1 right now. Freeloaders!

I'll keep you posted and let you know when we get some. We are looking and looking for a new house and that is one of your requirements. It is making the house hunting a little more difficult, but we hope worth it.

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