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November 12, 2008


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On the Food Network, they had a Dr. Seuss cake challenge. The Cat in the Hat, in his whole balancing act...the Grinch with his sled...Sam I am coming up through a platter of green eggs and ham... It was incredible. There's probably a repeat and/or you can find a bit of it on YouTube or via AOL if you're a member.

Oooh, I have to go find that on YouTube. Thanks, Sara!

I love her Dr. Seuss tray. Thanks for sharing it. Often on walks my kids identify "Seussian" trees, feathers, driftwood, etc. It will be fun to see them make some of their own.

Christine, you're welcome. It's great seeing kids using their literary eyes to look at the world!

If you get even more inspired, I just added a YouTube video of a Dr. Seuss Cake Challenge.

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