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December 07, 2008


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My students LOVE to check out the field guides, they are VERY worn, but the kids love them. I had a gifted teacher this year do a whole unit using the field guides.
great gift suggestion for the kids that loves animals or science!

Kathy, that's neat about the guide books. I'm glad to hear the kids are interested. And what a cool unit the teacher came up with. I love guide books and maps.

Are all the animal books HUGE in your library? They are at Jr.'s school. As a library volunteer, I am often re-shelving them.

Thank you so much for posting this! My 6-year-old is going to love the suggestions :)

You're welcome, Suji. Sounds like y'all love nature books, too! This morning Jr. was asking me what a wolverine looks like, and I realized we needed a trip to the library!

Great ideas, thank you!

You're welcome, Meredith. The pop-up book Birdscapes, which Grrl Scientist mentions, is on several Best the Year lists.

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