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January 16, 2009


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Hey Susan, I think I want to copy you about this search engine. Is it a widget through TypePad, of did you get it through Google?

And I want the WorldCat widget. Reveal sources, please. Jealous readers want to know.

And, just for the record, and for whatever it's worth, I give you permission to keep saying Who Knew?

Jen, I'm loving the search engine, and I'm not even quite sure why! It isn't a Typepad widget--I paid for it. (The support could be better, though.) Will send you details via email. Yes, I got it through Google. I had another one, a free one from another source, but it didn't work for shbeans.

Mary Lee, the World Cat widget is here http://www.worldcat.org/affiliate/tools

I wish my own library were on it. I like WorldCat because its potential helpfulness. Ha, on the who knew? !!

I have that worldcat widget too but my local library isn't on it. Disappointing. I wonder if I can get them to sign up? The Google search looks cool. My blog is on Blogger and there is a search box for the blog at the top of the header. It seems to work pretty well. And I start my fourth year at the end of March. Synchronicity!?

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