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February 19, 2009


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What a wise teacher. Thanks for the book tip. I'm going to email this to a friend and then add it to my TBR pile, too.


Okay, just read that entire link. Fabulous. She's exactly right. Teachers -- and librarians -- can't hear that enough, I think.


Jules, I really look forward to the book. My volunteering as a "reading buddy" has me really interested in what gets kids reading. I see how well first graders respond to books when they really love them; I've seen it repeatedly with Mo W.'s Pigeon books, among others. First graders are so eager to be readers themselves; it's really a joy to see.

Yeah, I know what you mean. We talked about this a lot in grad school, and the subject still intrigues me. What Miller is talking about is common sense stuff, not that she's not brilliant. That's to say: It's sad that such common-sensical notions are considered more underground/unconventional, for lack of better words, in this era of insane standardized testing.

I look forward to that book, too. I'll pass the title on to my former grad school prof.

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