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March 18, 2009


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Sounds like an absolutely awesome day there.

Thanks for the great visuals, Susan. It sounds like a delightful place. I loved your point about literacy being about connections!

What a great advertisement/encouraging words about your library. You should send a copy of this post to the children's librarians--we are an overworked, underpaid population that nevertheless love our jobs.

Suzi W.

That is a beautiful post, Susan - thanks for sharing it!

That sounds like a good afternoon, indeed. :)

I spent much of my college years volunteering in the children's section of the library headquarters. It always felt comforting to walk in and see the rows of books and all kinds of people, young and old, enjoying them. Kind of like eating mom's chicken casserole on a cold night with the fire going. Just a warm and happy experience.

Your library truly sounds like a wonderful place for learning.

Thanks, everybody! I really do enjoy our library. I'd not sat in the back part of the kids' section in a long time, and was amazed at how much activity went on.

That's a library doing things right!

What a pleasure this post is, Susan -- and it makes me realize how much I tend to rush in, rush out of the library, always on a quick mission. I'm missing out on a lot.

Susan, your library sounds almost exactly like mine till they moved to a larger, very sterile (but still wonderful for the books so I must not complain) building.

BTW, it does me great honor to pass on The Wonderful Blog Award :) Details on my blog.

My warmest regards.

Just sitting and noticing, then reporting back what you saw. Nice. (And good advice, by the way.) Thanks.

Jules, Chris, Suji, and Mary Lee, thanks so much for the nice words.

And, Suji, I am tickled pink to receive such an award!

You made this children's librarian smile :)

Yay! Like Chris, who commented above, I am usually dashing in and out and not spending a lot of time hanging out. It was fascinating.

Thank you from all of us.

My pleasure!

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