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October 26, 2009


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Glad you liked this one, Susan. Thanks for linking.

Ooh, I had one of those! I had fifteen boys and two girls when I taught fifth grade. It was... exciting, to say the least. It kind of changes the way you look at your curriculum. To say the least, we did more hands-on stuff outside for science! It was a good experience; I think if I went back to the elementary classroom I'd like to keep that more hands-on/outdoor vibe going. It was fun for the girls, too.

Of course, for some of us, every day is a boy day...

Jen, you're welcome. I always enjoy your roundups.

Hands-on and outdoors: I would have loved more of that in school, Tanita. Do you think you'd ever teach elementary school again?

Absolutely, Charlotte! Did you read Donalynn Miller's book The Book Whisperer? I liked it a lot.

Interesting...I will read it. Maybe it will guide me. Planning to be a teacher...",)

My boy is 21 years old now, but he really devoured books, so much so that teachers had to fuss at him to stop reading in class. His step dad is a real book worm, so he had a good male role model for book reading. He loved classic adventure stories, scary books and anything science fiction or animal related.

Emily, my son really likes scary books too--and the animal books. The second-grade kids I read to LOVE books about animals. They can't get enough.

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