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Volcano Books, Again

Over at PBS Parents' Booklights blog, I've shared a list of favorite books about volcanoes. (I ran this same list here at the blog a few years back.) I hope you'll stop by and mention your top volcano tales, too.


Photograph: Augustine Volcano, Alaska. Photographer: Game McGimsey. Image courtesy U.S. Geological Survey. Via WikimediaCommons. See Alaska Volcano Observatory for more information.


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Thanks for sharing the list. It was new to me ;0 Here are two books that really stuck with me.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

The Day the World Exploded

The illustrations are just amazing. It's been at least a year since we've read these, but those images have stayed with me.

Terry! I didn't know about that book about Krakatoa. Thank you. I showed Jr. the cheesy Krakatoa movie that I remember from my Saturday matinee days, and he loved it. Will look for the book today. Yippee!

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