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February 04, 2010


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Pshaw, I say. That's such an oversimplification, and, really, people from B&N should know better than to run about giving everyone heart attacks saying things like that.

That's quite a quote, indeed. Luckily, my book the Pink, Purple, Sparkly Vampire will be out sooooooon (you know, as soon as I write it :-))

Really? Because that is just so wrong. In fact I'm pretty sure anything pink and sparkly or purple/black and vampiric stands zero chance of making it into my cart.

Adrienne, yes, I agree. B & N should know better.

Greg, oh, the fibbing pink vampire series. Awesome. :)

Theresa, same with my cart!

I tried to figure out from the context of the other remarks in the transcription if the B & N rep was kidding, but I don't think she was.

I'm with Adrienne. Second pshaw.

Jules, yeah. Every day we see how much people, including children, enjoy a wide variety of books.

That certainly seems to be true doesn't it!

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