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August 03, 2010


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Oh my gosh, it makes me want to get out there and start giving away books on the street...we do a lot of book giving away in conjunction with our library book sales, and maybe next spring I'll time it so as to conincide with the start of vacation...

i can't lay my hands on it at the moment, but a recent survey also showed that there was a correlation between ownership of books and the likelihood of graduating high school and going onto college. so in addition to letting kids read whatever they want, if we let them keep what they read they will come to value books more.

i'm wondering if ownership via e-books will have the same effect.

Thanks for linking to this - it's hard to believe we're still struggling to convince parents that the books kids WANT are the books they should HAVE... although I'm guilty of it too: I wince when my 7 year old picks Sonic the Hedgehog over Nate the Great!

We keep seeing more and more research that points to owning books, or having books in the house, as indicators of future achievement. Makes you want to replace every single Happy Meal piece of crap with a paperback!

Charlotte, David, and Paula, I a lot of stupid arguments between parents and children at libraries and bookstores about what the children have chosen to read.

I feel that new books are so important too for the children. Then they can build a library with books that are only theirs and don't have to wonder what's stuck between the two pages that don't turn!

My sweetheart first-grade friends cannot afford to buy much at the book fair. While I can help them out with a title or two, I would LOVE for them go home with a stack of free books! And they'd love it, too. They are SO motivated to become good readers.

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