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September 24, 2010


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As long as they're not mean (as some of ours have been), I love roosters!

Loretta I, a sweet chick, got ugly-acting as he got older, flying at our heads and stuff like that. This one, Loretta II, is moving back to his hometown soon. I'm going to get him in the middle of the night from the coop; otherwise I wouldn't be able to catch him. He is turning into quite a beauty.

I grew up around chickens... I kind of miss them, although our rooster was a very ornery creature!
Thanks for that link for cumulative stories, I'll definitely check that out.

Madigan, I have three backyard chickens, including two new ones who were supposed to be hens. I have to return Loretta, though. Unlike our one sweet hen, he has always been sort of skittish, so I really don't mind taking him back.

I was delighted to read your reference to my book The rooster who went to his uncle's wedding. The tale was a favorite of my own children and has been a favorite of many children. Now it is out of print, but can still be obtained from DelSolBooks who specializes in my work and that of Isabel Campoy and Suni Paz. And, now there is also a new edition of The rooster... both in a small format and a Big Book format, illustrated by Claudia Legnazzi and published by Frog Street.
Again thanks for the reference to this beloved book, and my best wishes to all who read these words, Alma Flor Ada

Thanks so much for stopping by! I was delighted to discover The Rooster Who Went to His Uncle's Wedding at my local library. I read with first graders, and they're going to love it!

Just what I needed - my mum has recently started keeping chickens and I'm on the look out for some books for her (she too loves picture books so that ok!). Minerva Louise by Janet Morgan Stoeke has to be my favourite chicken book.

Zoe, our chicken coop is from the UK originally--it's an Eglu by a company called Omelet. One of these days I'm going to publish a list of the chicken books I've written about here; Minerva Louise is a favorite at our house, too.

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