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December 09, 2010


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Bat in Native American Medicine means "rebirth"; hanging upside down symbolic of the birth process for humans. Our old farmhouse had white shingles and right by the front door I noticed something, and looked under the shingle to find a bat there (yikes). The bat removal people (they don't harm them) told me they had never seen bats choose to hang that low on a house. It was at my eye level, under the shingles by the front door. We moved not long after as life's story unfolded and I am sure the Native American thought on this is so true, we had a rebirth for sure...so bats are more important than we think in a multitude of ways, I think!

Oh, I dunno, I think we could even argue cute, as long as we avoid their needle-y little teeth...!

Elaine and Tanita, I actually enjoy seeing the bats at dusk in the summer as they chase mosquitoes. But, yeah, yikes, those teeth!

I was also glad to read in The Bat Scientists that bats don't really get caught in people's hair; that's a myth. And most bats are not rabid.

Thank you for this post! I found your site while looking for books on Russia to use homeschooling. While we were at the library we grabbed this bat book as well, on your recommendation - and my son loves it!!! He read half of it this morning, and told me all sorts of new facts about bats :) THANK YOU!

So glad you found this book and that your kiddo likes it! My 11 year old read it too. Very informative. And I was happy to learn that some old myths (about bats) I'd heard were not true.

But, oh, bats are cute... I'm writing a book about bats. For children. They are awesome and intriguing animals.

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