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December 10, 2010


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Seriously, I love a good list. I was hoping not to spend too much time on the computer today, but now my plans are thwarted.

This time of year is so great because of all the lists! But, yeah, a bit of a time sink...

Thank you for all your work on the lists. I am compiling a 'Best of 2010 ' too for NZ School Librarians but could not find anything in Australian publications as accessed on the net. That is, apart form the well-known awards.
Does noone have an opinion on this in Australia as do our 'Listener' Magazine and Canvas Magazine [Weekend Herald newspaper]?
Our Children's Literature Association, Storylines publishes a Notable Books list 2010 for children and teens in Feb 2011.

Angela, I'm puzzled about the lack of Australian online lists, too; I seem to remember more in the past. You have the Readings Bookstore lists, right?

I look forward to the Storylines Notable Books.

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