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December 30, 2010


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I still want to read Freedom, and I need a really good read, so maybe I should go for that.

Was Zevin's title a YA one?

Jules, she's written YA, but The Hole We're In was published for the adult market. I need to pick one from this list, too; my current read is too deep right now!

Aaargh! Now I feel like I'm so behind on everything.
Dratted adult books I've not had time to read... too many books, too little time.

You and me both, TadMack. I was reading so many books for the Cybils that I am waaaay behind--though I have a nice store house of cocktail-party conversation after reading so much nonfiction!

I was hoping that Norman would do another list. Thanks!

I found Super Sad True Love Story riveting, funny, horrifying and amazing. Great recommendation!

Michelle, I'm glad he did, too. Now I have a list for the library.

Hey, Steve, I have to check that one out. I hear so many good things about Shteyngart's writing.

I want to be as well read as Norman when I grow up.

Me, too, Ms. Franklin.

So glad to see someone mention The Imperfectionists! I read mostly children's and YA books, but happened to pick it up from the library, and I loved it.

Katie, I want to read that one--and Room, too.

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