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December 06, 2010


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An Up-Close Look at the Art and Science of Snowflakes would be right up my alley. THAT is a book I could page through for hours! Thanks for such a great collection of ideas, Susan

You're welcome, Terry. Thank you for hosting the round-up; I always get good ideas from everyone's Nonfiction Monday posts.

We cannot get enough of the NYBG's train show. My sons are obsessed with trains and I am obsessed with the miniature, so it works out well for everyone. --Erica

Erica, isn't it great. That was my NYBG first train show ever! My husband and son had been before. I loved the whole thing; just wished it had been a little warmer outside so we could have strolled around more.

Ooh, that's gorgeous. It actually reminds me of that French cartoon about the Tour de France... um...The Triplets of Belleville - the guy lived in a little house by a train track just like that.

I'll have to look for that! You can just imagine all the little people living in these houses and buildings. I particularly loved the Poe Cottage (a house in the Bronx where Poe lived for a time), but the picture came out all blurry.

Oh wow, look at the miniatures! I LOVE THEM. I am so jealous. I wonder if the Botanical Gardens has a site with more photos. (And the books are great, too.)

Steph, check the New York Botanical Garden site; I'll also try to put up some more photos on Flickr. Will tell you when I do.

I read that Inga-Moore illustrated version of THE SECRET GARDEN to my girls last year. Lovely.

Did they like it, Jules? That version does indeed look lovely.

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