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April 10, 2011


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Hahahah! "Everything else." Um, yes. It's those vaguer details that hang you up.

I still want a gigantic snake, however.

I continue to live vicariously through your life. There are no sour pickles, half or otherwise, in the UK. It has been a trying time. Also, bagels... well. It's best to make ones own. Thank you for the babka recipe! Tech Boy will be persuaded to try that, as he has a much lighter touch than I with the pastries (just don't ask him to do normal stuff, like, make soup).

Meanwhile, I continue to live vicariously through your gardening and chicken-having. Someday...

Tanita, oh, do I enjoy babka! Have you made bagels? I love the idea of that but have never tried. It seems co cool to make something that you usually have to buy.

The chickens do keep us entertained. I am hoping to make a movie of Lovey. I was hoping to make a movie of the late Fuzzy; she would have been perfect running in slo-mo with some Chariots of Fire type music in the background. Stupid raccoons.

I hope the giant snake is only the rubber kind and let me know if you get the puppy (I'll come straight over). If a Rolls Royce gets checked off on the list, can I have a ride? Let's do "everything else" this summer, including Lovey and QE3.

PS I love waking up to the sound of the warblers...so happy-making.

Make the babka, take some photos and do a guest post for us!

Yes, everything else will make for a fun summer, Elaine! I am so looking forward to summer days here in CT.

Michelle, YESSS! I will make babka soon, taking pics along the way.

That is a great list, and "everything else" is a fine thing to be doing.

Ha. Thanks, Adrienne. This week has been one of everything else, too.

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