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September 13, 2011


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Great list and very witty. Thanks for this. I'm going to do some strategic planting now.

You're welcome! I hope your reader enjoys some of the books.

What to Expect When You're Expecting Larvae sounds like one I should probably get for the library. Hilarious title.

Yes, an inventive spin on insect life cycles. The author said on Twitter that Joeys and Crocodiles are next in the series.

I still laugh about the title.

Very funny! Enjoyed your post and your son's comments!

Thanks, Leslie! It looks like I'll be waiting a while for the progeny (all one of him) to guest blog.

Wait until he's in tenth grade. Surly Teen Boy will only read if I assure him he will love the books and then beat him about the head with them. the only comments I get when he is finished are grunts. And his language arts teacher, to help encourage a love of literature, is having his class read East of Eden and The Help. ARGH!

Oh, no! The Help? Really? Jr. would keel over.

I really like Jr.'s school but it uses the Accelerated Reading program, which does not work for him.

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