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December 15, 2011


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I like your version better than the original! :-)

Ha. Thanks, Julie. I got a kick out of that weird little conglomeration of words and had to make my own!

Oh the rhythm of rhymes! Will have my daughter read your poem aloud. Quirky! :)

Yes, quirky! Glad you enjoyed this one, Myra.

Terrific! I wish I had time to give this a go! I'll have to come back to it.

Now this is poetry!

Rhymes gone crazy, right, Sherry? :)

Raising Boys

manner training/flatulating
rumble abating/ball inflating
jeese that's irritating!
oy they're fascinating!

FUN! Have you checked out Julie Larios' index poem this week? I think someone needs to do a whole collection of poems like this -- inspired by/found in reference books and/or written in the form of one of the structures of nonfiction...

Good one, Andi! Love the "celebrating/confiscating." I know both well.

Mary Lee, no, I must go read that one. Thank you. I actually laughed out loud at the Merriam-Webster entry because it struck me as so random.

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