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January 11, 2012


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I'm not sure that these stories are available in the UK; either that or they passed me by, so thanks for highlighting them. It's true what you say about kids speaking out when they don't understand something, and important that that is respected enough for them to have continued confidence to do so...

Marshall is so funny, Marjorie. I just love his work.

The second graders keep me on my toes, for sure. I want to make sure that everyone is included in the discussions and that everyone feels free to participate. It's a bit harder this year than last to accomplish those goals, but I keep trying.

It's funny how some things click with a group one year, and then the next year comes along and you're scrambling down different avenues to reach the same golas... I find exactly the same thing with the small choir group of first and second graders that I meet with once a week.

Marjorie, I know! I invited kids who write their own stories to read them aloud to the class, and they're lovely. But the only ones who write and read well enough to do this are about five girls. I have to figure out something else; I don't want read-aloud time to be girls-only, as charming and adorable as those girls are.

I love these books, too. I also read them to second graders - they are perfect for them!

Tina, I'm sure you know the Miss Nelson Is Missing Books and The Cut-Ups, too. Lots of fun.

What other books do you read to second graders? I'm all ears & always on the lookout for suggestions for "my" class.

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