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March 05, 2012


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Shushed? Oh, no!

OOoh! Shushed! The shame!

I read about Some Kind of Love during the 28 Days After and was reminded of my grandmother's recent memorial service, which I missed - but it was a lot like a family reunion in many ways, and all the photographs and family - it really was a wonderful thing. I love the artwork in this book.

Yes! At my advanced age, even. It was a very polite shush. I was clearly in the wrong, though!

P.S., Tanita, I agree with you about the art work. It's so evocative of a lush spring "lilac time" and the close connections of the people.

I have had patrons come up to me and ask me to quiet down in my own library while I was working.

Adrienne, that's hilarious. We got shushed because of a patron complaint; I had thought the dude was just strolling through...

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