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Eudora Welty Considers "Charlotte's Web"

Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White, was published nearly sixty years ago, on October 15, 1952. Eudora Welty reviewed the now-classic children's novel shortly thereafter, in the New York Times Book Review. She wrote, 

"What the book is about is friendship on earth, affection and protection, adventure and miracle, life and death, trust and treachery, pleasure and pain, and the passing of time. As a piece of work it is just about perfect, and just about magical in the way it is done."

From Eudora Welty: A Writer's Eye: Collected Book Reviews, edited by Pearl Amelia McHaney, University of Mississippi Press, 1994.

I highly recommend the audiobook, read by White himself. The kiddo and I listened to it with pleasure this spring. Some pig!


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Oh, that is a lovely quote, and so true about that beautiful book.

It's a lovely review. Isn't it amazing that the NYTBR chose Eudora Welty to review that book? Great matchup.

My children enjoyed this book also. It is a wonderful book. If only we could read more.... Come visit me at anytime for some fun ideas.

Thanks for stopping by!

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