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July 01, 2012


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The Cooperative Book Center is such a resource!

I love that you are still reading to these guys. This summer I've been checking out all sorts of volunteer opportunities, and loving them all, but I hopefully will find one that mixes books with kids. Moving soon (to our new home, to PR, closer to you! And maybe with chickens, we'll be talking about that!) and I'm going to have to strengthen my Spanish. What better way that to read children's books! So, I'm hopeful to find some bilingual books to read aloud.

"Fishin'" and "nonfishin'" made me giggle. The notecards are an excellent idea, I think.

Tanita, Puerto Rico! Wow, that is going to be great fun. Tech Boy will be teaching there? Several of "my" students' grandparents live on the island. For sure you should be able to get some galenas/hens there! Very exciting.

Adrienne, even though the teacher has explained the difference to them often, I could tell that some of them were still confused by the more abstract concepts! I'm sure I never heard the terms until high school, at least. That was pretty far back in the day, though.

Thanks for the link! This will be SUPER helpful for a grant I'm writing this summer!!

(Tanita...Puerto Rico?!?!)

Mary Lee, you're welcome. Are you writing a grant for some new classroom books? Several of the second graders last year LOVED to write stories and read them to the class.

I am on the lookout for more resources, and hope to post some others this summer.

I love this! I used to be a pre-k teacher in a very culturally diverse classroom- Hispanics (from Mexico to Argentina), Indians, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Egyptian, you name it. I LOVED working there and was sad to leave it behind when I moved back home to care for my father. I am very happy to see this list and I will be making sure I have read them all! My blog is new, but I am wanting to share as many multicultural books as possible!

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