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January 02, 2013


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I love your classroom stories! You're welcome to come read aloud in my classes ANY time!

That is the sweetest thing I've read in I don't know how long. (Your post, that is. But the book sounds great, too.)

I so want a Tennessee Walking Mule, or whatever they're called. Trust me - they're up there with unicorns. I love that she knows they're magical, too.

Also, am just SNICKERING at you somehow moving along with this same teacher. Somehow.

Thanks so much, Mary Lee! That means a lot, coming from a teacher. I was back this week, and the children were so quiet. I guess they weren't quite used to being back in school.

Meechelle, that is too kind. Don't you love the idea of mules as some kind of mythical beast? It makes me want to write about about magic mules.

Tanita, I KNOW. Mules! Isn't that the greatest? I have been thinking about them ever since. I'm sure you've read Don Tate's book. I really love it. The illustrations are wonderful, evoking an outsider art feel.

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