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Harry Potter Meets Academia

Oh, dear. It looks like Trekkie conventions may have a new rival.  Over at the University of Reading  in the U.K., the organization Accio will host a conference (for adults only) devoted to the Wizard of Hogwarts, July  29th-31st.

Conference chair Ali Hewison has this to say:

Accio 2005 is an unofficial friendly event, hosted over the weekend of 29-31st July 2005 at the University of Reading, UK. We're bringing together academics and adult Harry Potter fans to discuss all aspects of J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter books, in the first such conference in the UK. Planned events include presentations, panels, speeches, games, a feast, and informal discussions into the small hours.

Registration ranges in price from £160 to £235. We've PayPal options and instalment plans so check out the registration page if you haven't already registered. All residential memberships will include all meals for the event, and non-residential membership will include everything apart from bed and breakfast. Prices will be guaranteed until 31 May 2005.


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