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Honk, Honk. Honey, the Bus Is Here

Thanks to Laurel Graeber at the NY Times, we've been alerted to the presence of the Magic School Bus at the Children's Museum of Manhattan (through May 30th). Since the bus is magic and can be in several places at one time,  you can also visit it at the Chicago Children's Museum (through June 12) and  Orlando Science Center (arriving in June). Who knows where else Ralphie, Liz, Wanda and their wacky teacher Ms. Frizzle will turn up?

The Magic School Bus books, most written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen, constitute a wonderful science series aimed at the early-elementary-school ages. Almost comic-book-ish in its appeal and slightly frenetic organization, the Scholastic series was also the basis of an animated PBS TV show, which you can still see in re-runs and on video. Lily Tomlin provided the voice for  Ms. Frizzle, who leads her class on all sorts of adventures. Her exortation "Take chances! Get messy!" is our motto.

Look for the videos at your local library. And look for the paperback "Magic School Bus" es  at thrift stores and tag sales; we've found quite a few that way.  At the local Goodwill store, they're only 25 cents apiece.


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